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Cast: Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji woo

Cha Songjoo-Kwon Sangwoo

President Min's oldest and only son. He was a pianist since he was young. Recently he is the leader that is going to take over Global Group and he inherits it.

The showpang concert is a special show at the amusement park. After the performance is over and the audience is clapping. The guy who is getting up from the piano is Cha SongJoo. The applause is getting louder but there is only one woman that comes into Songjoo's eyes.

Jungsuh, Han Jungsuh...his destined love

He liked playing the piano since he was young and had talent but because of his repuation of being the only son of Global Group, he only enjoys piano as his hobby. Song Joo is playing the piano not to become a worldwide pianist but to play Jungsuh's favorite song for her.

Song Joo and Jungsuh are like identical twins. If they stand next to each other, they are mistaken for being siblings. They are both left handed, have the same blood type, and both like the amusement park...also if one person is sick the other person gets sick too. So both try not to get sick because the other might get sick. both are like one body. Both can find out each other's feelings just by their breathing sound, they have telepathy b/t their relationship.


Han Jungsuh-Choi Jiwoo

Professor Han's only daughter. She always dreamed of becoming a pianist. But recently she is an employee of Global Group.

She grew up under good parents but after loosing her mother to a sudden illness, she lived with her father. But she is bright and pure to the pt where she doesn't feel lonely without a mother. She works hard so her father won't be pedantic about not having her mother around. She can tell by looking at her father's eyes.

She takes after her father with the personality of not knowing the world and not able to yell and saying bad things to people. Her dream is to become a artist but her ear for piano is deep. She looks childish on the outside but after her dad got embarassed about getting remarried to her she said to her new mom "Make my father happy." She is a person who keeps her feelings inside when troubled and in a hard situation. After Songjoo went abroad, she waits for his letters but after recieving not even 1 she feels worried inside.


Han Taehwa-Shin Hyunjoon

Tae mira's son, Yuri's brother and Jungsuh's step brother. An artist...

He doesn't care about other people's work and is locked in a world of himself. He really doesn't talk a lot, self-conscious and somber. It seems like he's waiting for someone to put on a fight. If Songjoo doesn't like fighting and is logic then Taehwa is a person who's fist is likely to fly out first.

He doesn't talk a lot but he is loyal and is acknowledged. In one corner of his heart, he hugs saddness and is thirsty for affection. He doesn't trust anyone except himself. He is holding hatred against his birth mother Tae Mira because she just gave birth to him and Yuri and left them alone.

He was in shock when he first met Jong Suh. She had a thing where whatever she said it wasn't rejected by any person. As soon as he was born he was left alone by his mother and when he was living with his mother, his mom's world only concentrated on Yuri so he was left alone again. Jung suh gives a bight smile to him as a gift.


Han Yuri-Kim Taehee

Tae Mira's secret daughter. Taehwa's sister, Jung Suh's step sister. University of New York's Master of Business Administration and Global group's General manager.

She was born with a pretty face. In front of people she acts nice, polite and knows how to give care to people. One word an angel. She can't bear to loose. She acts cute and nice to people whom she wants to earn points from.

She hates the luminosity in Jung suh that she doesn't have. She spills all her anger and frustration on Jung Suh. She abuses and is mean to Jung Suh but this leads to Taehwa liking her.

She can't stand that the 2 guys she loves most, Taehwa and Songjoo loves Jung Suh. She crashes Tae Mira's life. She is ruining people's life and at the same time ruining her life.

translation credits: sungie79





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