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Shining Days (SBS)

Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Jo Hyun Jae, Ryu Seung Bum

yun-woo (song hye gyo) had a happy life as a child but her childhood was interrupted by the death of her father who was a cop. her mother, who owns a bakery falls in love with someone else, gets remarried, and gives birth to a half-sister to yun-woo, but her mother dies from an illness and yun-woo now finds herself living with a step father and a half sister. yun-woo who loved her father and mother dearly begins to hate love because it has brought nothing but tragedy to them.

min-ho (ryu seung bum) is the son of a clothe-shop owner who has his own identity issues to deal with, but his father was a colleague of young-woo's father and min-ho has grown up alongside yun-woo. though he loves her, he is not ready to profess his love toward her since he knows she is not ready for it and she needs him as her friend.

but eun-sup (jo hyun jae) shows up in their life and everything is changed. eun-sup's parents divorced early on and he also has a negative attitude toward love... however meeting yun-woo challenges everything he has believed until now.

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Credits to:  SBS Official Website