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Screen Capture from the latest t.v. series of Song Hye Kyo and Jo Hyun Jae "SBS Shining Days"

In Song Hye Kyo New drama series "Shining Days". she portarys an independent woman who works very hard to support herself. together with the cast which includes Jo Hyun Jae (Adrian of Love Letter) and her childhood friend Ryu Seung Bum.

She will be paid 15 million won per episode as the lead actress. And is expected to earn 360 million won for this series alone

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Korean Top 9 Korean Actors


 Kwon Sangwoo made the filming of Stairs to Heaven last episode a teary one...
"I'm sorry that i couldn't go with you."

Top Star Kwon Sangwoo made the last episode of "Stairs to Heaven" a teary one. Kwon Sangwoo with Choi Jiwoo on January 30th filmed the highlight scene of the last epsiode (20th episode) and showed tremendous acting skills in the scene. He gained apraise by the steps saying "he's a mellow expert.".

On this day from 2 in the afternoon for about 2 hrs and 30 minutes, the story of the scene that was filming was the highlight of Choi Jiwoo dying on Kwon Sangwoo's back. Kwon Sangwoo while carrying Choi Jiwoo on his back said "Don't forget me..." and when Jungsuh dropped her head without any energy he said "Jungsuh ya..." and cried. On this day he put everything into his acting and really cried a lot. it was different from any another acting. He really did a good job in acting to point where he couldn't believe that he really acted this out.

One of the "Stairs to Heaven" steps said "Because Sangwoo cried so sadly, all the steps cried too." After the filming was done he had a hard time controlling the feelings he had for the drama. "Now he's an expert in mellow acting."

translation credits: sungie79

bullet] Kwon Sangwoo & Lee Hyori #1 for Best Bodies!!
Lee Hyori and Kwon Sangwoo got picked by the netizens as having the best bodies. NGTV did a survey and out of 2038 netizens who voted Lee Hyori got #1 with 33.5%.

Jun Jihyun got 20.7%, Ha Jiwon got 16.4%, Han Chaeyung got 12.0, Kim Haesoo got 4.2, Han Aesool got 3.7 and Jang Jinyung got 3.6 and so on...

For the guys Kwon Sangwoo got picked number 1 with 30.2%. Song Suhun got 2nd place with 22.0%, Bi got 3rd with 14.4%, Cha Seungwon, Jo Insung, Kim Minjoon, Eric in that order respectively got 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place.

translation credits: sungie79
source: sports chosun
bulletThe Korean-branch embassy of the People's Republic of China has appointed Jang Na-ra to be a "public relations envoy to China." Jang, who gladly accepted the title, is famous in both Korea and China, and is especially popular among teenagers.
bulletWon Bin receives a notice from military affairs administration requesting him to report to military service before 12/31/2004. According to sources close to Won Bin, he will apply for enlisting in the arm forces around October after the debut of his movie “My Elder Brother”.
bulletsong seung hun candidly stated he recently broke up with a woman he loves,
during the sbs show 'han bam eh tv yun eh - a night's tv entertainment'. he also
said counting his last relationship, he has been in love a total of 3 times thus far.
song's new movie 'bing woo - ice rain' opens in theatres on 1/16/04 in korea.


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In 2003 SBS acting Awards ceremonyLee Byung Hun won the Best Actor Categoryand Song Hye Kyo took her very first "Best Actress Award"

She quote "If I have the chance to go to Cheju Island again,"I will choose to go with Lee (her official boyfriend).


Photo Clip from "Guardian Angel"

Cast: Kim Min Jong, Kim Min, Song Hae Gyo and Yoon Da Hoon

Think your life's complicated? Wait till you hear this story this Guardian Angel has to tell.

n a blazing crossfire of ambition, love and kinship, the lives of 4 vastly different people intertwine to lead them to fates they've always wanted, to bring them the dreams they've always fathomed.

Jung Da So (Song Hae Gyo) is a young single mother who chooses to endure the stigma of an unwed mother to raise a little girl her 'sister' from the orphanage left behind when she was killed in a car accident along with her husband.  

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Jang Suh Hee (lead actress in Miss Mermaid a.k.a. Irene) is offered 500 million Won as the lead actress of the movie “Tien-Shan Mountain down by Seven Swords ' directed by renowned Hong Kong director Hark Tsui  . Andy Lau  is the lead actor. The movie portrays the love and friendship among seven swordsmen. The filming of the movie will start in February of 2004, and it is scheduled to be debuted in November of 2004.


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