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Name: SONG YUN AH  (Song Yoon A)

Born:  June 7, 1973

Height/ Weight:  169 cm (5' 6-1/2") / 48 kg (106 lbs.)

Birthplace:  Seoul

School:  Hanyang University (Anthropology major)

Musical talent:  piano, violin

TV Dramas: 

Gift (Hye-jin)

Sweet Bear (Jung-eun)

Hotelier (Jin-young)

Man & Woman

Bad Boys (Young-suh)

If You Only Knew

The Leader

The Advocate

Paper Crane (Seri)

Mr. Q; Love; Over the Horizon

Tears of the Dragon

Into the Storm, The Age of Individuality  


Face (production starts late March 2003)

Jailbreakers (2002)

A Masterpiece in My Life (2000)

Zzang (1998)

1818 (1997)


Grand Bell Best Supporting Actress (2003) 

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