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CHAE RIM  (Chae Lim)

Real name:  Park Chae Rim

Born:  March 25, 1979

Family:  married singer Lee Seung Hwan (who she first met in 1999 and is 12 years older than her) on May 24, 2003.

Height/Weight:  168 cm (5' 6") / 48 kg (106 lbs.)

TV Dramas:

 On the Prairie (Yon-ho)

We Are Dating Now (Ho-jung)

 Four Sisters (Yu-jin)

Air Force (Jin-kyung)

Cheers for the Women (Suh-young)

All About Eve (Sun-mi)

 MBC's Loving You (Sun-hwa) 


SBS Popular Actor Award (2000)

MBC Popular Actor Award (1999)

MBC New Actor Award (1998)

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