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Miss Mermaid
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Part One: 54 tapes
Part Two: 13 tapes
Part Three: 25 tapes
Part Four: 12 tapes
Part Five: 24 tapes

Eun Ariyoung (29): Jang Suh Hee (Her House)
Han Kyung-hye (51): Jung Young Sook
Eun Jin-jung (53): Park Geun Hyung (Her House/Secret/Delicious Proposal)
Shim Soo-jung (49): Han Hye Sook
Eun Ye-young (25) Woo Hee Jin
Lee Joo-wang (30): Kim Sung Taek
Lee Sung-soo (53): Kim Byung Gi
Keum Ok-sun (74): Sa Mi Ja (More Than Love/Loving You/Memories)
Geum Silla (54): Kim Yong Rim
Jo Soo-ah (50): Go Doo Shim (Fox & Cotton Candy)
Ma Ma-joon (29): Jung Bo Suk (Beautiful Life)
Ma Ma-rin (25): Lee Jae Eun

Made in the year of 2002: 245 episodes

This is a story of a daughter in revenge against her father who had abandoned her mother, brother and herself long time ago.
Her mother has gone blind due to the shock of her brother's sudden death whereas her father has remarried with a famous actress and never paid any attention to their poverty and sorrow.
Just like Hamlet moaning in remembrance of his father's bitter tragedy, our heroine, Ariyung, plots a cunning revenge against her father, father's current wife and the daughter.
Ariyung is a famous TV drama writer and she is one of the most powerful person when it comes to drama casting. She writes a TV series and intentionally invites his father's new wife to star in her drama, acting as a vicious woman who snatches another man's wife, the hidden past of the glittering actress.
At the same time, Ariyung approches to her step sister's fiance also out of calculated purpose.








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