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Love Letter (MBC)
Cast: Soo Aeh, Jo Hyun Jae, Ji Jin Hee

As a young "orphan", Jo Hyun Jae received horrible treatment while growing up under his aunt (father's sister). When his uncle (mother's brother) comes back from Italy, his uncle takes him from his unhappy life. Growing up under a priest uncle in a cathedral, Jo Hyun Jae secretly wishes of being a priest. Years later, Soo Aeh comes to live in the cathedral orphanage. Although at first Soo Aeh refused to beome friends with him, the two become the best of friends throughout their high school years. In college, they move out of the cathedral into a small home in the ciy, where they help each other out. Although Soo Aeh loves Jo, she hides her feeings from Jo because he wants to become a priest. In the midst, Jo gets to know Ji Jin Hee, a rebellious guy who fell for Soo Aeh long ago. As Ji tries really hard to fit into Jo and Soo Aeh's close relationship, feelings become revealed. Through this all, Jo encounters an emotional dilemma between his dream and his feelings of love.


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Credits to: MBC Official Website


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