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Cast: Kim Min Jong, Kim Min, Song Hae Gyo and Yoon Da Hoon

Think your life's complicated? Wait till you hear this story this Guardian Angel has to tell. In a blazing crossfire of ambition, love and kinship, the lives of 4 vastly different people intertwine to lead them to fates they've always wanted, to bring them the dreams they've always fathomed. Jung Da So (Song Hae Gyo) is a young single mother who chooses to endure the stigma of an unwed mother to raise a little girl her 'sister' from the orphanage left behind when she was killed in a car accident along with her husband.

Life is tough but she continues to bear through it through her love of making soft drinks. She also finds her 'Soo Ho Chun Sah' in Ha Tae Oong (Kim Min Jong), a good-hearted ggang pae who grew up with his uncle, the magician at a cabaret. He's never learned the proper manners in life and there's 1 fact that has eluded him even more than his lack of learning in manners: He is the product of a very rich man's affair with his mistress.

Lee Sae Hyun (Yoon Da Hoon) is the younger half-brother of Woorie Eum Lyo Company's president and owner (Lee Soon Jae). He will do whatever he can to rise to the top, regardless of what he destroys or whom he hurts along the way. When he learns that Tae Oong is the son of his brother, his resolve grows even more steely and his conscience even weaker.

The 4th, but by no means the least important person in this circle is Hong Ji Soo (Kim Min), the secretary at Woorie Eum Lyo's president and also Sae Hyun's secret lover. Like Sae Hyun, she has dreams of rising to the top and she possesses an abnormal obsession with wealth and power. But that is only because she had lost her sister to poverty, and is now determined to step into high society and escape her background.

As the lives of these 4 characters entangle, so does the best and worst in human nature unfold.

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