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Production: MBC(Korea) and TBS(Japan)
Year of Production: 2002

Won Bin – Kim Ji-Hoon
Fukada Kyoko – Asahi Tomoko
Lee Dong-Gin – Park Kyung-Ju
Han Hye-Jin – Park Hye-Jin
Okawa Yukiyoshi – Sakamaki
Yada Akiko – Yuko
Kelly Chan – A clerk at clothing store (Guest star)

P.S. First time ever both countries worked together to make a series....seems to be very interesting....

Number of Episodes: 4


Ji-Hoon, who loved filmmaking, went to Hong Kong to visit his aunt who owned a restaurant. Tomoko also was in Hong Kong for traveling, but she was pick-pocketed. When she chased after the thief, she bumped into Ji-Hoon. Tomoko followed Ji-Hoon since she had no money, so Ji-Hoon took her to his aunt’s restaurant to feed her. Tomoko and Ji-Hoon started getting to know each other through body language. Instead of paying the bill for the food, Ji-Hoon asked Tomoko to be his actress. Tomoko was happy to do that, but Ji-Hoon only asked her to run from point to point. While filming her running, Ji-Hoon fell in love with this naïve, kind, and cute Tomoko.

When Ji-Hoon came back to Seoul, he received an e-mail from Tomoko, and they continued their relationship via e-mails. In the mean time, Ji-Hoon was the only son in the Kim family, so his parents were shocked by the fact that Ji-Hoon was dating a Japanese girl. Tomoko started learning Korean and became fluent in the language. The touching love relationship became increasingly difficult to maintain because of their nationalities and the cultural differences. Can they be together in the end






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